We are Bombieri.
Technology to transform.

Our purpose

We design, build and implement technological tools so that companies can reduce costs and improve their performance.

We believe in construction and that we can change the world for the better. Bombieri is our means of doing this, helping other organizations to be more efficient, and consequently to function better. We create technology to improve the quality of life of people in organizations.

Our values




Results orientation

Our team

Mirco Bombieri
Founder & General Director
Lucas Schneider
Technical Solution Architect
Aldo Orsini
Director of Engineering
Emanuel Ansaldi
Product Owner
Ileana Sack
ERP Consultant
Maria Agnese
Product Manager
Carlos Roldán
Technical Leader
Milton Albornoz
Frontend Developer
Sandra De Soto
Employee Experience Manager
Gerardo Schild
Technical Solution Manager
Julián Francia
Frontend Developer
Pablo Benitez
Solution Manager
Carla Hormaiztegui
UX/UI Designer
Carlos Karle
Technical Leader
Rodrigo Romero
Software Architect
Cecilia Ferrari
Technical Solution Manager
Paula EspĂ­ndola
Frontend Developer
Lucas Magnin
Software Engineer
Sabrina Astorga
Sales Director
Guillermo Sampallo
Software Engineer
Pablo Fernández
Digital Automation Specialist
Germán Arias
Corporate Communication
Marcial Sartori
UX/UI Designer
Santiago Landaburo
JavaScript Developer
Cecilia Gomez
JavaScript Developer
Emiliano Aressi
JavaScript Developer
María Belén Arias
Testing Analyst
Diego Di Pardo
UX Leader
Ariel Vechetti
Technical Leader
Lucas Campos
Business Analyst
JerĂłnimo Ekerdt
Javascript Developer
Lucas Cerante
PHP Developer
David Torres
Frontend Developer
MartĂ­n Blanco
Java Developer
Melisa Ortiz
Java Developer
LucĂ­a Arenas
Sales and Account Executive
GastĂłn MonzĂłn
Tech Sales Specialist
José Gerstner
Java Full Stack Developer
Eliana Vallmitjana
Java Full Stack Developer
Guadalupe Posse
Sales & Account Executive
Ariel Saleh
.Net Backend Developer