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We connect any software with another one, have or not an API. We are specialist on systems integration.

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Small and medium companies in Argentina have between 4 and 6 applications that do not interact with each other, producing significant losses of time and costs .


Software development

Many times the need of a software development appears faster then the pace of the Technology team. And building a development team requires high costs in staff adquisition, knowledge trasnfer and maintenance

So, Does it make sense to build a new development team for sporadic requierements?

Speeding up development or producing paralel results, avoiding having to grow your staff and without losing quality is possible thanks to our new service modal. We work as technological ally for our clients, offering software development oriented to solve the need of integration between the systems of the company tailored for each case.

Integrations without API

We can reduce the time in operational management between different systems to one fifth and with 70% less errors than a human being, even when their digital tools do not have an API or the providers do not give access to it.

Business automation is the most chosen practice when we talk about repetitive tasks and routines, capture and data entry, interaction with numerous software at the same time and much more. It is ideal to free your employees to do the tasks that generate the most for your company.

We work with different technologies and artificial intelligence to recongnise the content of your documents, audio and video, which let us give you more value upgrading your employees' tasks.

Success cases.

2100 hours saved per year with integration without API.

Río Uruguay Seguros - Argentina

Río Uruguay Seguros (RUS) is one of the biggest growing property insurance companies of Argentina.

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Their technology team (TI) gave us the mission to solve the data integration about car accident cases with the well known technology insurance company Leverbox. This task was done by one person manually every day. The challengen was primarily the inexistance of application interfaces (API) to get the information with the necessary requirements to exchange, in addition to solving this without requesting resources to the TI team and in less than 90 days.


We designed, developed and implemented software robots that integrated both tools without the need of an API, working 24x7x365 and generating savings of more than 2100 work hours anually. A plug and play solution that reduced the error rate of data entry to 0.01%.

Anual savings

2100 hs


Without API

Error rate

< 0.01%



Mobile app integrated with Vimeo.

Women for Sports - Chile

Women For Sports (W4S) is an innovative Chilean Startup that has the mission of democratizing oppotunities and discover (exclusively) of talented women in sports arround the world.

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The challenge consisted in creating a solution that gave access to sportswomen, talent hunters, sponsors and administrator in a simple and efficient way to publish and managing the content uploaded, primarily videos.


We designed and developed -- in less than 6 months -- an App compatible with Android and Apple devices and Web, integrated with the well known digital content platform Vimeo, giving an end to end experience to all kinds of users to operate in three different languages. Finally we gave the source code, documentation and made the knowledge transfer to the W4S team to continue with the project evolution.

Project length

6 meses

First deliver

45 días

Integrated with



Cloud AWS

Agro: Growth and optimization of resources with our integration

The data of more than 10,000 work orders is transmitted between the SIMA app and the Berardo software.

Berardo Agropecuaria (Argentina) is a company dedicated to leading agricultural and livestock activities in the Argentine coastal region, with more than 50,000 hectares planted per campaign.

Discover how we achieve these results and all the features of the solution at the link below.

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